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5 Contemplative Selections from JOY: AN IRISH CHRISTMAS

Released: June 2012
Featuring: Five selections arranged for adult and children’s choirs, from the 2011 Christmas recording by Keith and Kristyn Getty, JOY:AN IRISH CHRISTMAS
Created by: Keith Getty and Don Cason
Vocal arrangements by: J.A.C. Redford, Michael McGlynn, Paul Campbell, and Don Cason
Original tracks produced by: Phil Naish
Orchestrations by: J.A.C. Redford
Voicing: Moderate SATB Choir, with Children (as featured on “Jesus, Joy of the Highest Heaven”)

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For information about the ministry of Keith and Kristyn Getty, click here.

Key Features

Five theologically-rich songs from Keith & Kristyn Getty, Stuart Townend, and a 6th century translated hymn text, coupled with stirring music from Keith Getty

Featuring "Jesus, Joy of the Highest Heaven" for children's voices and Adult women. This song was the #1 charting Inspirational Christmas song in 2011 in Christian radio.

Moderate SATB and Children's vocal arrangements by J.A.C. Redford, Michael McGlynn (musical director of Ireland's National Choir, ANUNA), Paul Campbell, and Don Cason, set to the Getty's instrumental tracks from their 2011 Christmas release, JOY:AN IRISH CHRISTMAS

Songs selected based on their compatibility with choral singing and for the way they lend themselves to unique programming moments in a Christmas service, program or concert

Orchestrated by J.A.C. Redford, acclaimed writer of concert music, chamber music, and film and television scores. Among his credits is the music for THE TRIP TO BOUNTIFUL, THE LITTLE MERMAID, THE IRON LADY, THE HELP, THE PERFECT STORM, and Pixar's WALL-E.

Accessible to an SATB choir of 20 or more

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Song Titles & Media Files

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This publication is a mini-collection of choral arrangements of five selected songs from the 2011 Christmas recording by Keith & Kristyn Getty, JOY: AN IRISH CHRISTMAS. These particular selections not only adapt well to choral performance but they also textually and musically lend themselves to unique programming moments that one often needs in a Christmas concert, program or service. Following is a brief description of each of the songs.

FULLNESS OF GRACE -- This song is written by Keith, Kristyn, and Stuart Townend. Although this lyric contextually fits within the Christmas season, throughout the verses it describes God's plan of salvation through Jesus Christ, and the hope we claim as followers of Christ. As you consider finding 'the place' to insert this in your service, look for that moment where, in very simplistic terms, you want to forthrightly present 'the reason for the season.' The warmth of the music and the depth of the lyric will certainly provide that for you.

JESUS, JOY OF THE HIGHEST HEAVEN -- Written by Keith and Kristyn, this song is presented as a 'Children's Carol.' Although this 2-part 'treble voice' arrangement is recorded with children's voices, it can just as easily be performed by Women's voices (Soprano/Alto), or even a combination of women and children. Performance notes are provided to offer suggestions of its flexibility. So, as with the other pieces in this collection, it can be used to fit your particular programming needs. Lyrically, it is a prayer that as we look upon the baby Jesus, we may also learn to live as a child of God.

O SAVIOR OF OUR FALLEN RACE -- This 6th Century lyric, translated by Gilbert E. Doan, Jr. and adapted by Kristy Getty, is paired with a new hymn tune by Keith Getty. Keith has named the hymn tune, STAM, in memory of his longtime friend and mentor, Carl "Chip" Stam. Arranged and orchestrated by concert, chamber music, choral music, and film score composer J.A.C. Redford, this hymn evokes the grand nature of this prayer of adoration and petition for God to reveal Himself to us this Christmas day. Not only is this piece appropriate for your Christmas Sunday morning service, but also as a dramatic pinnacle in one's Christmas program. For more information on J.A.C. Redford and his work, visit his website at

MAGNIFICAT (MY SOUL WILL MAGNIFY THE LORD) -- This solo with choral background of the song written by Keith, Kristyn and Stuart Townend is arranged by noted Irish choral writer/arranger, Michael McGlynn. McGlynn is the founder, musical director and manager of Ireland's National Choir, Anuna. This arrangement reflects Mary's feelings as expressed in the scripture, Luke 1:46-55. It provides for several musical or programmatic opportunities in a Christmas presentation, in which a Mary character sings a soliloquy. For more information on Anuna, Michael McGlynn, or his writings, visit their websites at and

AN IRISH CHRISTMAS BLESSING -- As this song closes Keith and Kristyn's recording, it would be equally fitting for an end to your Christmas service or presentation. It can serve as a choral benediction, or a musical setting before a Closing prayer, for several weeks before and after Christmas. We have also provided an alternative lyric to the last line of the song to allow its use as a non-seasonal blessing or benediction. Both versions are offered on the Accompaniment Track as well.

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